It is always deeply sad to learn of the death of a man or woman serving in the military. Just by being in the war, they are sacrificing home, family, and much else to serve this nation. But today it hits deep in the AILA community, as we learn of the death in Afghanistan of Jonathan Curtis, son of Boston AILA member Phil Curtis.

Jonathan died a hero, guarding an entry control point when an Afghan National Army soldier approached and detonated a suicide bomb. Jonathan and his squadmate Andrew Meari were killed in the attack, but their actions saved the lives of seven others in the squad. Their heroism, undoubtedly a source of pride for their families, nonetheless cannot assuage the deep sense of loss they are experiencing. In addition to his parents, Jonathan leaves behind a wife and child.

Next week on Veterans Day the United States will honor those who have served in the military on America’s behalf. But there are too many who do not live to become veterans—those who die in the line of duty. They are remembered on Memorial Day, but they are much in our hearts every day. As AILA members continue to assist members of the military with their immigration problems through the Military Assistance Program, they do it on behalf of the far-too-many Jonathans who have bravely served our nation.

AILA sends its condolences to the Curtis family.