Welcome to Think Immigration, the new blog from the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). Here you’ll find insightful commentary from legal experts – the folks who see firsthand every single day what immigration law and policy mean to our nation. They see the good, the bad, and the ugly, and this blog will allow us to highlight in a new way the unique perspectives and incredibly valuable information and analysis that AILA and our 15,000 members can offer.

We believe that immigration law is an integral part of America’s past, present and future. We also know that immigration law is complicated. Our contributors take the complicated legalese and frame it in an accessible way, from big, broad ideas down to specific cases.

You’ll find at least two new posts on this blog every week – and we aim to have this be interactive and engaging. You’ll be urged to take action, whether as an AILA member taking on a pro bono case or a mentorship opportunity, or as a concerned member of the public – to call Congress, reach out to community groups, or speak out on immigration issues.

Are you an AIL A member with something you’d like to share in a blog post? Send it our way after taking a look at some FAQs about writing for the blog. Are you a non-member? Consider teaming up with an AILA member on a post as a co-author – reach out and we can try and match you up with someone!

We’re in a new era, and it feels like immigration is front and center in the news every day. AILA and its members are at the forefront of every single area of immigration law, from business to family, asylum to DACA. Telling those stories from the front lines is the way immigration issues become real to a broader audience.

Think Immigration is a new way for AILA and its members to interact, inform, and illuminate – this blog’s for you!