As immigration attorneys serving on AILA’s Media Advocacy Committee, we share musings about what needs to change in how our immigration system (dys-)functions. Sandra Feist and I recently agreed that we need the anti-Stephen Miller, someone who knows the systems inside and out AND has the best interests of immigrants and America in mind. As we began thinking through what qualities that person would bring, we were reminded of the famously specific wanted ad from Jane and Michael Banks in Mary Poppins – an ad for the exact right person to fill an extremely important role. To that end, I give you the following heartfelt plea:

Wanted: A Fierce Advocate for Immigrant Rights!
If you want this choice position,
Have a compassionate disposition.

No Muslim bans, at airports.
Love human rights, all sorts.

You must be kind, you must be gritty.
Understand the APA, it’s rather tricky.

No vicious changes, filled with conceit.
Us lawyers and our clients, deserve reprieve.

Never be hateful or cruel.
A nation of immigrants, permeates every rule.

Protection for DREAMERS to author.
Welcome refugees like sons and daughters.

The right to seek asylum and due process.
No more Remain in Mexico & resulting distress.

Halt deportations, no family separation.
Hopefully, we’ll see less litigation.

Hurry, Advocate,
Don’t be late.

Signed Immigration Attorneys Who Can No Longer Wait