The AILA fall conference in Montreal this September is not just about foreign travel and Canadian/French food and wine. Those are important of course, but only a part of the equation.  In fact, the fall conference is going to offer something unique, something AILA has never before undertaken. The conference – in its entirety – covers waivers. As you may already be aware, stateside processing and provisional waivers are coming to waiver adjudication, and as a result many questions have arisen about what it means and how clients and attorneys will be affected.  Among the confirmed speakers are representatives from the US Consulate in Montreal and Toronto.


Montreal – site of the 2012 AILA Fall CLE Conference on “Waivers of Inadmissibility”.

This conference will delve into medical waivers in a more sophisticated and in-depth way than previous AILA conferences, offering valuable information for more seasoned practitioners. Among the sessions will be a litigation panel strategizing how to respond to waiver denials and move forward in court. Additionally, the entire 212(a)(6)(C) venue will be explored with an in-depth analysis assessing whether in fact a material misrepresentation occurred and potential next steps after such a finding. There will also be a NIV waiver panel with government representatives examining process and law around consular and border applications for Canadians and non-Canadians alike.

While the Annual Conference is without equal, I think that the smaller conferences like this one extend an incredible opportunity to engage in a substantive area of law with a smaller group of people in a collegial atmosphere. I always leave these conferences with insights and ideas that I didn’t have at the outset. Those who attend, I believe will be well rewarded. Those who can’t will have to purchase the recording. Hope to see everyone in Montreal. Bon voyage!

Written by: Heather N. Segal B.A., LL.B, LL.M, Program Chair, AILA Board of Governors