Yesterday, I consulted with an AILA attorney about whether there are legal ways to transfer money out of a small Asian country that has strict currency transfer restrictions. The day before, a securities lawyer called me to discuss job creation problems in an ongoing EB-5 project. Last week, I emailed various AILA colleagues about the latest trends in source of funds Requests for Evidence (RFEs) issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). And just this morning, a broker/dealer recommended that a potential EB-5 investor do a consultation with me.

What did all these cases have in common, other than that they involve EB-5? All involved people I originally met at an AILA EB-5 conference.

It’s been a few years since I first went to the AILA EB-5 Investors Summit, but I keep going back for many reasons. The summit brings together the key EB-5 players: more than 45 experts in immigration, securities, and business law, economists, business plan writers, broker/dealers, and other well-regarded professionals. Knowing the best people in each aspect of the complicated EB-5 industry is important to properly advise regional center and investor clients. And with ever-increasing backlogs and more and more RFEs, learning the latest trends is more important than ever.

This year’s conference comes during an especially important time. Congress is considering making major changes to the EB-5 program, and must decide what to do by December 8, the first day of the AILA EB-5 conference. Thus, this conference will be the first to discuss any changes Congress makes.

AILA’s EB-5 committee has been actively involved in monitoring potential legislative changes and recommending improvements. Even if Congress decides to extend the EB-5 program without any changes, committee members will offer insights to attendees about the changes we are likely to face. This year’s conference program also emphasizes legal and policy analysis, compliance, due diligence, enforcement, and ethical considerations.

It is vital that we all stay informed in this uncertain landscape. This conference is a great way to do just that.

*** Want to brush up on the basics of EB-5 before you go? Register for the conference and you’ll receive complimentary access to our October 5 seminar on EB-5 basics!