The EB-5 visa isn’t one that all AILA members are familiar with; it is designed to create American jobs and attract foreign investment by offering a path through the labyrinth of American immigration law. It’s complex, like pretty much all of U.S. immigration law, but in this era of uncertainty, learning more about all the available options is crucial to serving your clients well.

Projects that EB-5 investors can engage in range widely: construction, transportation, home health care, hospitals, tourism/hotels, food services, student housing, even motion pictures. EB-5 spending supports tens of thousands of jobs and helps with urban redevelopment in many cities across the country.

But where and when can you learn about EB-5? AILA’s upcoming conference (October 29-30, in Chicago, IL) is a tremendous opportunity!  For the first time, AILA is partnering with IIUSA, the EB-5 Regional Center trade group, and many of the speakers and participants are industry specialists. Attendees will learn how the regional center industry works and learn about the many opportunities available. Regional Center cases still count for almost 95% of EB-5 and while many lawyers are comfortable with EB-5 direct cases, they may not know much about the popular regional center program.

It may be a busy time, but your clients are interested in these programs, so it’s important to learn all there is to know about EB-5!

We recently asked some of AILA’s EB-5 experts about what an upcoming conference will teach them and what sort of changes have occurred. Here’s what they said:

“The EB-5 of 2018 is very different than the EB-5 of prior years. Long quota backlogs, redeployment, litigation, receivers, alternative markets, crypto currency, minors as investors, single source intermediary RFEs, regional center terminations – – these are all key topics at our 2018 conference that were not on the radar at earlier conferences. Keeping up to date on these new EB-5 issues is critical to practice in this area.” – Ron Klasko

“The EB-5 conference is essential for every immigration practitioner who discusses U.S. and global immigration and EB-5 options for foreign nationals who intend to live and work in the U.S. To be an effective advisor for the foreign national investor and family members, it is essential to attend the conference. The conference will address, at a basic to intermediate level, the current EB-5 regulations and policies, timelines and new investor markets.” – Edward Beshara

“The AILA / IIUSA Conference in October is a must for the whole EB-5 industry.  The industry is coming together in a unique and unprecedented event to discuss implementation of important USCIS policy guidance including redeployment of capital and the sustaining investments.” – Ignacio Donoso

The early bird registration has been extended through October 10. So take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the program. See you in Chicago!