As we continue to celebrate our 75th anniversary year, we asked members to share their favorite memories from past Annual Conferences. Here are three memorable moments to enjoy as we get ready for #AILAAC22:

“One of my favorite AILA AC memories is from 2013 in San Francisco. In the spring of 2013, I hired my first paralegal – we’ll call her Maria. When checking Maria’s references, I spoke with a former employer – Ruby Powers. Ruby and I hit it off in our conversation and she asked if I was going to the Annual Conference that summer in San Francisco. I said yes, and we immediately made plans to meet for coffee once we were both there (she’s in Houston and I’m in Atlanta). It was chaos trying to coordinate a meeting, but I was finally able to meet Ruby face to face and have had an amazing friend and mentor ever since!” – Tracie Klinke, AILA GA-AL Chapter

“One of my favorite memories was walking in the second line parade at the AC in NOLA in 2017. The music, dancing, and the feeling of solidarity were unforgettable. I also have this moment from the parade memorialized in a photo in my office and I think it perfectly sums up how amazing this AILA community truly is! 😊” – Fiona McEntee, AILA Chicago Chapter

“One great memory is when all my LGBTQ clients called me while I was in the air on my way to San Francisco in 2013, the year that Windsor passed, to see what their new options were. The decision was issued while we were in flight, and someone had wi-fi and they broke the news to us. Also, below is a photo from an A’s game with AILA that year. That was a fun afternoon with AILA friends.” – Sandra Feist, AILA MN-DAK Chapter


AILA members wanting to share your favorite AC memory can still participate by sending them to And look for more opportunities to help us celebrate #AILA75Years in the coming weeks.